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"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela


At Little Feet BIG Steps, we are first and foremost caregivers. We believe care and learning should go hand in hand, and the two should always be balanced with a big dose of fun.

Early childhood development is critical, which prepares your child for school. Our goal is to educate your child for life, which is what separates Little Feet BIG Steps from traditional child care.

​Infants (12 to 19 months)
New Beginnings....

All infants are provided with a quite and comforting environment.Our New Beginnings curriculum develops and reinforces each infant’s individuality within a tight-knit community. Your child will be assigned a primary teacher to promote a deeper understanding of your child’s personality, likes and developmental needs.The curriculum focuses on six areas of development: Cognitive, Communication, Emotional, Fine Motor, Gross Motor and Social Skills.

In our infant room, your child will explore different textured materials, play Peek-A-Boo and complete simple wooden puzzles. Our teachers hug, cradle and walk your child around the classroom while talking about everything they see.Our teachers help infants learn to grasp items and help them eat, color and complete other daily activities.

​Daycare (3 yrs to 4.5
Exploring my world...

Children spend lots of time exploring, reading, doing crafts, and playing games. Your child develops friendships, confidence and independence. Your child's day is full of fun and creative ways of learning new techniques. The reading area provide a quite environment to help increase your child's concentration. 

On my Way....

At Little feet BIG steps, the skills and concepts learned in our classroom are reinforced and extended throughout the year. Our educators always deliver the most comprehensive learning and supportive care possible. Your child will learn throughout the day, including playtime, because the opportunity to learn is always present.

We provide your child a happier, healthier, more well-rounded foundation for the future. It will help to prepare them for school and for life.Kinder's are eager to discover and learn new information. They love to plan and enjoy playing with their peers. Throughout the day, your child will interact with peers and teachers in small and large groups, learn and discover in our developmentally appropriate learning centers, explore outside in our age appropriate playground and participate in our family style dining.

​Toddler (19 months to
3 Years)
Discovering me....

At Little Feet BIG Steps,we strongly believe in the formation of trusting bonds between toddlers and their teachers. Our Discovering Me curriculum focuses on six areas of development: Cognitive, Communication, Emotional, Fine Motor, Gross Motor and Social Skills. Toddlers are learning new vocabulary, perfecting how they move through their environment and making connections with others. We focus on establishing these connections through songs, finger plays, books and games. Our teachers model good manners by saying “please” and “thank you".Toddlers are encouraged to do things by themselves like washing their hands and using a fork and spoon to feed themselves.We provide them with safe and age-appropriate outdoor playground.Your child will learn to take turns stacking blocks, assisting teachers and other children with clean up and playing follow the leader.

I Can do it.....

In the Preschool Academy Program we focus on academics, creativity, imagination, movement, communication and healthy eating. We encourage our preschoolers to be independent, respectful and responsible in their day to day lives. Our aim is for the children to start their schooling years with confidence, with a high self-esteem and with good social habits. Children will cultivate a mathematical mind while working with quantities, numerical symbols.Children will expand their receptive and expressive language skills, phonological awareness skills, letter and sound correspondence and reading abilities.They will strengthen their observation, experimentation, critical thinking and problem solving skills.Children will develop independence, body control, coordination of movement, concentration and sense of order.Children will advance their articulation skills in order to enhance clarity of speech.

​Out of School
Creative Explorers...

Out of school child care program allows kindergarten and school-age children to balance learning and fun through a variety of experiences. From fun to physical activities, our early education program is designed so that everyone goes home happy.

Our areas of focus give your child endless opportunities to learn and grow.

Children spend lots of time exploring, reading, doing crafts. Your child develops friendships, confidence and learn together.

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