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About Us

Little Feet Big Steps came into existence with one vision in mind- To provide safe environment with the best learning tools for your child. We believe in learning through play. Your child’s day is full of fun, creative activities that help their minds, social skills, emotions and bodies develop.We change our learning tools periodically to bring the best learning experience for your child. We offer both Full Time and Part Time programs. Our fees are competitive and we keep them as budget friendly as possible while maintaining our high standards for staffing and programming.Our priority is ensuring we meet each child’s individual needs and provide a safe, loving and educationally stimulating environment. Our experienced staff are experts in providing nurturing care that helps deliver a positive learning experience. Our staff is trained in early childhood education as well as child care safety standards, first-aid and CPR.

We are committed to three important values which guide our center:

  • SAFETY: We are one of the biggest facility in Fort Saskatchewan and safety is of prime importance to us. "There is nothing more precious to a parent than a child, and nothing more important to our future than the safety of all our children". With this in mind our facility has 24*7 surveillance with 17+ cameras around each corner of the facility. Each parent and staff is provided with a fob system to enter and exit the facility making our center secure enough to prevent unauthorized access.

  • LOVE: "Every Child in our daycare is someone's whole world".At Little Feet Big Steps we treat each child as our own. We greet every person who comes through our doors by name. We believe in Nurturing ,laughing ,playing and teaching every child whom God sends to us. Smiles and friendly greetings are important to us. Though a small gesture , Over time every child in our facility has learnt to hug while leaving the facility.A hug is a powerful thing : it can make you feel wanted, needed and loved all at the same time. We believe in working as a family rather than an institution.

  • EXCELLENCE:"It takes a big heart to shape a little mind".  We are ON time ALL the time. Every Staff member is qualified and keep developing and enhancing their skills through training and workshops. We go the extra mile with gladness because our kids and families are worth it. We take utmost care in providing daily/weekly written feedback to the parents to make them feel connected in the progress of there child. We take pride in giving far beyond 100% when hosting events for families and the community.

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